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Embroidery Process: A Comprehensive Guide to Your Purchase

If you are looking to customize your clothing items with embroidery, there are a few crucial things you need to know before placing your order. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure a seamless process:

1. Select the Desired Products

Choose the items you want to be embroidered and select the color and size options that suit your preferences.

2. Upload Your Logo or Artwork

Note that if your image has high detail or is a selfie, we cannot embroider it. Additionally, we offer one free logo per customer/order, and any extra logos may incur a digitalization fee ranging from £5 to £20.

3. Choose The Logo Placement

Select the placement of your logo, whether on the front (left-right, or none on the front) and back of the item(s).

4. Place Your Order

Proceed to checkout, and ensure all necessary details, notes, or files are included. It's imperative to verify your contact information as we may need to communicate with you at any stage.

After this, the following steps will follow:

5. Design and Configuration

5. Design & configuration

Order placed on Monday (before 15:00) - Logo provided on Wednesday ,same week

order placed on Monday (after 15:00) - Logo provided on Thursday ,same week

 If you don't receive an email from us in 3 working days, please check in spam .

Our logo preview email:

We prioritize your satisfaction and aim to ensure you're comfortable with your design before production begins. Therefore, we will email you a logo preview within three working days. Do note that the price paid during ordering may change due to specific requirements such as the number of decorations, artwork complexity, etc.

Different pricing structures based on stitch counts are:

Front logos - 10,000 stitches included in the price

Sleeve logos - 8,000 stitches included in the price

Back logos - 20,000 stitches included in the price

6. Artwork Digitization and Approval

We digitize and convert your design to a production-ready format. We'll send you the final proof for approval, please provide feedback for us to deliver precisely what you want. The final proof, provided in PDF format, will be delivered via email, and this process will take approximately three working days.

7. Production

Upon approval, we'll customize your items based on your requirements and deliver them to you in the highest possible quality within 4-10 business days. Note that we will not proceed with your order without your feedback, thus a lack of it may result in delays in dispatch.




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